Instagram Story – How To Get More Views

How To Get More Views On Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are a good way to spread the word about anything in your niche, but in order for you to get more views on your Instagram Stories, you need to make sure that you’re using the right strategies among other things.

If your Instagram Stories view is declining, you should take measures to increase views on your Instagram Stories. Here are some tips to try to improve your Instagram Stories views. In this post, I’m going to show you how to make your Instagram Stories more popular with 5 easy steps.

1. Use The Right Hashtags

First of all, you need to know what a hashtag is. In this case, I’m talking about a hashtag that people use when posting to Instagram. If you’re on Instagram, you can see that there are a bunch of different hashtags that people use. It has long been a fact that hashtags increase the reach of a post or picture on the popular Instagram service. But did you know that the same applies to Instagram stories? 

Instagram is placing all of the emphasis on hashtags, so it is a good time to start using them in your posts. Having relevant and appropriate hashtags will help your story get more views. With Instagram, the platform allows users to merely add 10 hashtags to stories. Users can follow these hashtags to reach across clients. However, this tool is only effective to reach active and interested Instagram users so make sure it is relevant to what you post on a daily basis.

2. Carryout A Deep Content Audit And Highlight Your Favourite Stories

Your Instagram Story’s lifetime is currently 24 hours, but that image will still be available for continuous 90 days if you didn’t view it till that time. This means you can really boost your views if you want to keep your images for an indefinite amount of time you can.

“You can do this by using the Highlights feature.” This tells your audience what your account is about. “Making highlighted Stories visible” helps your viewers watch them as much as they want, resulting in more views.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Story

3. Location Tagging

A location tag is another way to increase the visibility of your Stories. It makes Stories visible to a certain audience, and thus, more views are received from a larger audience. In his Instagram profile, a user can view what other users have Instagrammed about a certain location; and as Instagram will show users’ Instagrammed content about a certain area, it is highly likely your story will be displayed.

4. Always Post Stories At The Right Times

If you hope to increase your Instagram story’s visibility, then you need to understand when your followers are posting as this is vital. When you post stories when your followers are the most active and informative, it increases the odds of your story getting viewed.

The time is tropical when it comes to Instagram uploads as a post must be submitted between 9 am to 4 pm during the workweek. However, uploading stories at different times than convention may prompt higher or lower views. It may not always be possible to post stories at the perfect time which is why you need to make sure you don’t post them during the worst time. You need to analyze your followers’ activity by constantly checking your analytics to find out who your followers are and how to engage with them.

5. Post Stories Consistently

How often do you post only one Story on Instagram? If you post only once a day, you are setting yourself at a disadvantage. This will likely come as a shock to you but the frequency of posting consistently plays a vital role in getting views on your stories. Therefore, when you post your stories, you must do so on a daily basis.

Posting more than one story each day can be a great way to get more views. However, it is strongly recommended for you post a new story every day. The more posts you have, the more chances of getting more views. When you post your stories on Instagram, they must be consistent and regular.


Seeing that you have read the entire article on effective tips for increasing Instagram story views, now have a gradual tryout. They will undoubtedly increase your reach and also make your interactions double. So, as you can see, Instagram Stories are useful for business and other purposes. Now, you know how to make them much more popular. Your audience will love the new kind of stories you share. For more articles like this subscribe to our mailing list and you can also contact us if you have further questions about growing your social media accounts.

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